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Gamo Replay 10 4.5mm With Scope


Gamo's Replay-10 Maxxim IGT features Gamo’s patented 10x Quick Shot®, which has already become a market referent. This exclusive technology relies on a multi-shot rotary magazine which allows the shooter to blast up to 10 shots without touching a single pellet, improving the user’s autonomy, reducing reload timings and providing a more intense and enjoyable hunt.


Gamo’s Replay-10 Maxxim IGT features the brand's IGT technology, which replaces the traditional main spring by a last generation pneumatic cylinder, improving the terminal velocity, providing a more consistent power level, reducing cocking efforts and lessening undesired vibrations. This outstanding airgun is additionally including a 4x32 scope to ensure your success hitting the target.

Gamo Replay 10 4.5mm With Scope
Magazine1 rd
Length1114 mm
Weight2870 g
Velocity 386 m/s

Price: 349,00

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