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Product code: AIMIKE

Airsoft lnnovations 40 Mike Magnum Grenade 40mm

Airsoft Innovations would like to introduce the most fearsome grenade shell on the market, the 40-Mike! You’ll blow the competition away with a 150 BB blast at a jaw dropping 100 foot range and concentrated 10 foot spread.

Easily load this shell by pouring BBs into the spiral shaped inner canister, which also greatly improves BB flow and accuracy even with 150 shots per trigger pull. This grenade shell fires each load at ⅓ of a second, that’s 25,000 rounds per minute!

The 40-Mike is the most powerful 40mm Gas Shell ever produced, firing every BB at 240 FPS thanks to the Airsoft Innovations patented Quantum Drive Technology. You'll dominate the battlefield with this unparalleled grenade option from Airsoft Innovations.

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