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Product code: HBB11

Bundle contains:

Marui Special Grade BB 0.20g 3500 pcs. Value 19,00

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Marui MP A3 Spring Action SMG



The Marui spring-action MP A3 is very popular - and not without the cause. The weapon is strong and accurate, yet inexpensive. The Marui gun is equipped with a functional telescopic stock so that you can adjust the gun grip according to each shooting situation. Ergonomically designed pistol grip ensures a good feel for the gun. Fixed Hop Up.


 Gun  89,00 €
 Diablo Meshmask  19,00 €
 Marui bb 0.20g/3500  19,00 €
 Total:  127,00 €
 You will save  58,00 €

Marui MP A3 Spring Action SMG
Magazine42 rd
Length495/650 mm
Weight1200 g
Velocity (0,20g)75 m/s

Price: 69,00

Quantity: Pcs
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