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ASG Dragunov SVD-S


As airsoft sniper rifles become more reliable and more popular, finding a great sniper rifle is becoming an easier task. The ASG Izmash Licensed SVD-S Dragunov Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle is a great example of an airsoft sniper rifle that fits multiple roles.


The rifle comes installed with a standard spring that propels BBs at 350 FPS (w/.2g BBs), which is perfect for closer range fields/targets. When you target players at further distances or when FPS limits aren't a top priority, the included M120 FPS spring will easily bump the FPS up to 460 (w/.2g BBs), which allows you to easily hit long range targets.


The weapons full metal body makes it durable and realistic in both look and feel. Additionally the rifle comes with a folding stock giving it a sleeker, slimmer profile for better maneuverability and storage.


Equipped with an adjustable cheek mount and a side airsoft optics mount, this spring airsoft sniper rifle is comfortable and perfect for mounting upgrade optics! For longer distance targets the SVD-S airsoft sniper has an adjustable hop-up unit, which allows you to control the BBs drop rate.

ASG Dragunov SVD-S
Magazine200 rd
Length850/1100 mm
Weight3730 g
Velocity (0,20g)100/120 m/s

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