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Product code: GI0301

Ghost III Holster Glock, right handed

The GHOST III holster has been specifically designed for military and law enforcement use.

The holsters are subject to the most rigorous tests regarding safety systems, durability and materials. Our customers demand only the best and we work closely together with them to give them just that. Our locking system, a modular design and rotation feature was and still is the most innovative step forward in the design of duty gear. It is available for the most popular weapon models used by military and law enforcement worldwide.

Safety retention systems
Weapon extraction from the GIII holster is instinctive and extremely quick due to natural movement of the hand. No special training is required and the shooting hand automatically has the correct position on the gun. Test results show a 50% increase in speed when compared with the more traditional holsters.

Draw out
The weapon is automatically set in safety position when holstered.
We give a 100% guarantee that the weapon can’t be lost during a stress situation in which the chance of forgetting a manual safety is extremely high.

The basic holster is 100% interchangeable between modules. Not only is this very cost-efficient but the user never has to “get used to” another holster when he changes from uniform to civilian clothes. Practice, use and carrying is done with the same holster regardless the configuration used. Another advantage is that if ever is decided to change weapon brand or type, only the basic holster needs to be replaced.

All modules will still fit. The specially designed modules have guided rails which enable quick assembly and disassembly of the holster. This enables you to quickly change from uniform jacket slot module to special duty tactical leg plate without changing the holster and still use the same holster which you are very familiar with.

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