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Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer Tactical Kit




Umarex's stylish set of tactical kit, red dot and vertical handle. This package combines pistol and good features of a longer pistoli caliber carbine, exactly as you decide.


Umarex has made this gun of a durable matte-based material that is easy to handle. The CO2 capsule can be quickly replaced without removing the magazine, through the handle on the back of the grip. The pistol itself has a mounting rail under the barrel, so you can also attach the tactical front handle supplied with the package. The magazine release is at reach of your thumb and the safety is easy to use with the index finger.


The tactical kit that attaches to the pistol is well-made and does not fall or wobble. The folding stock locks and folds nicely along the side of the gun. On the receiver there is a full length rail and there are three rails on the front to add different accessories. Attaching the pistol to the body quickly is possible without tools, just with a few pins and attachment pieces.


The package also comes with folding tactical front grip with quick release. The grip can be removed from the rails by pressing only one button and well as pressing the button just to unlock.


The Walther's red dot sight is low riding and the actual dot brightness can be adjusted. There is a coating on the lens to prevent scratches and unwanted reflections. 


The gun can be used with the Cybergun M1911 magazine (185136).


Note! The gun is very powerfull, shooting 140m/s.


 Pistol  59,00 €
 Tactical Kit  49,00 €
 Red dot sight  39,00 €
 Front grip  25,00 €
 Total  172,00 €
 You will save  73,00 €

Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer Tactical Kit
Magazine15 rd
Length172/565 mm
Weight897 g
Velocity (0,20g)140 m/s

Price: 99,00

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