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The ASG G18c is a semi and full-automatic gas blow back pistol with metal slide.

The ASG G18c is an airsoft gun that complements its real life counter part, combining ease of use and weapon reliability.

The lower frame is reinforced composite plastic and has a rail for a laser or light. The magnesium-made slide is lightweight and metallic, which gives more resistant to more efficient gas and wear. The outer barrel is also a full metal.

Hop up is able to be adjusted without disassembling the gun directly from the breech. For this purpose a tool is suppiled with the gun for adjusting the hop up

Sights have white alignment marks that speed up their use and make it easier to finding them in the dark.

The ASG G18c is fitted with a more powerful valve that gives a better recoil and handsome sound with every shot.

The gun is the same size as its real counter part so this fits in the real firearms holsters.

Lipaskoko 23 kpl
Pituus 205 mm
Paino 730 g
Lähtönopeus 90 m/s