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Swiss Arms Protector 4,5mm CO2 Airgun


The Swiss Arms Protector shoots BBs hard and fast at 344 fps. Its considered a high-end CO2 BB gun, so you'll want to keep it fed with high quality 4.5mm, .35g steel BBs to keep it in the best working order.


The Swiss Arms Protector CO2 BB Submachine Gun is powered by CO2 and has an authentic look, feel, recoil, and sound. The heavyweight metal and polymer construction includes durable metal components and blowback action making it even more lifelike. When the BB is propelled forward, the slide thrusts back and mimics the kick of a real firearm.


Extend the foldable metal stock for accuracy and stability and pop in the 25-round metal magazine for a memorable experience. And because it doesn't require any pumping, you just point and shoot to your hearts content.


  • Swiss Arms Protector submachine BB gun
  • Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges
  • Blowback system
  • 25rd full metal BB magazine (.177 caliber)
  • Realistic recoil
  • Folding metal shoulder stock
  • Open sights

Swiss Arms Protector 4,5mm CO2 Airgun
Magazine25 rd
Length 355 mm
Weight 2203 g
Velocity 112 m/s

Price: 199,00

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