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G&G FN2000 Tactical (Mosfet), black

Cyberguns licenced, made by the G&G, FN2000 is a futuristic looking weapon that utilizes the bullpup structure of modern weapons. This means that the magazine is behind the trigger, and the gun can be fitted as long barrel as possible to add precision but still keep the rifle realitvely short. The weapon has a similar solution to the fire selector as the Steyr AUG. The fire selector is connected to the trigger. Squeeze the trigger a little, the gun will shoot only one shot. When you press the trigger all the way to the bottom, the rifle will shoot full auto.

The composite plastic body of the rifle is durable and, thanks to its exceptional structure, the body is almost completely one part, so the crinkles and rattles are well eliminated. In addition to composite parts, aluminum and steel parts are used in critical positions such as a reinforced gear box with 8mm ball bearings and durable steel gears. Velocity of the gun is really easy to adjust. The velocity of the rifle can be adjusted between about 100-130m / s.

G&G has improved their FN's by adding a mosfet unit together with electronic trigger. The MOSFET, an electronic switch which reduces the trigger delay and improves the rate of fire significantly. MOSFET also helps to preserve the electronics of your gun.

This model is equipped with a full lenght rail that has adjustable sights on default The battery space is located at the back of the gun, so the gun is a well-balanced for aiming and lightweight to handle. There are standard -14mm threads under the flash suppressor for your silencer needs. The weapon is compatible with the standard M4 / M16 series magazines.

The weapon is fully licensed and equipped with FN Herstal logo and labels. The FN2000 Tactical model is a weapon that you will not encounter unnecessarily on the field.

Note: The velocity is adjustable in this gun between 110 - 130 m/s 0,2g

G&G FN2000 Tactical (Mosfet), black
Magazine470 rd
Length710 mm
Weight3200 g
Velocity (0,20g)110 - 130 m/s
Battery (included)Double (9.6V)

Price: 459,90

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