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Cybergun FN M249 Para AEG Tan


The familiar FN Herstal light machine gun, which is used by different countries armies around the world.


The Mk249 Para is manufactured by Cybergun. This is a full-size light machine gun equipped with telescopic stock. The heavyweight and large-sized weapon will become compact and more easily to manipulate when the stock is collapsed. There are a wide variety of mounting rails on each side of the handguard, also on top and bottom. On the top of the upper receiver there is a separate scope rail. The gun comes with bipod which is necesary for such large weapon for long periods of shooting. 


The weapon is already powerfull enough straight out of the box, but the gearbox is assembled from high quality components that can withstand even harder tuning. The rate of fire is awesome, so the 2500 rd box magazine (not shown in product pictures) is very necessary. The magazine is also fully automatic and feeds the rounds to the gun with the power of the magazines own motor. 


Great looking light machine gun with excellent features. With this gun you can easily clean the playing field or keep your opponent away and hiding.


Note. The weapon is delivered with an automatic magazine which is not included in the product image.


This gun does not come with a battery or charger, so take advantage of the offers shown on the left when purchasing this weapon.

Cybergun FN M249 Para AEG Tan
Magazine2500 rd
Length1050 mm
Weight5500 g
Velocity (0,20g)122 m/s
Battery (not included)Crane (9.6V)

Price: 499.00

Quantity: Pcs

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