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CAA M4 CQB 10.5" AEG Black


The CAA M4 CQB is a powerful M4 variant with a 10.5" barrel and polymer receiver. The weapon feels solid in your arms and the elegant matte body is not wobbling or feeling loose. The pistol grip and the handguard are ergonomically shaped and fit comfortably to your hands to help find a good shooting position.


This weapon comes very well equipped. There are detachable rails on both sides of the handguard and there are two separate rails that can be attached to the gun freely. The length of the telescopic stock can be adjusted to 6 different lengths and the stock has separate mount for adjustable cheek rest. The side of the cheeck rest can be changed depending if the shooter is right or left handed. There is also a case for 4pcs of CR123 batteries. The butt stock is a flexible rubber meant comfort and grip.


On the receiver there is a full length rail for different sights and optics. The gun is fitted with a detachable flipup style sight that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. Under the flash suppressor appears standard -14mm threads for your silencer needs. The capacity of the magazine delivered with the weapon is 140rd.


This rifle does not come with a battery or charger, so take advantage of the offers shown on the left when purchasing this weapon.

CAA M4 CQB 10.5" AEG Black
Magazine140 rd
Length705-790 mm
Weight2105 g
Velocity (0,20g)119 m/s

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