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Product code: 17356X

Bundle contains:

ASG M15A4 Carbine. Value 189,90

ASG 30mm Red&Green Dot Sight. Value 67,90

ASG M4 Scope Riser Mount. Value 28,90

ASG Magazine M4/M15/M16 68rd. Value 23,90

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ASG M15A4 Carbine Bundle


Sportline ArmaLite M15A4 valuepack. Great entry level Airsoft gun that shoots 1 Joule out of the box.

This M15 Airsoft carbine with authentic ArmaLite markings, has an ideal size for all sorts of Airsoft use, CQB, open-field or just backyard target practicing.

A Hi-cap magazine with 300 BB's provides plenty of shots before reloading is necessary.

The receiver features a top 21mm rail for mounting optical sights, a detachable carry handle with adjustable rear sights is included. The Airsoft carbine itself is built with metal gear box. The battery is stored in the hand guard.


  • Fully licensed by ArmaLite.

  • Collapsible 6 position stock.

  • Top rail.

  • Easily accessible hop-up.

  • Movable charging handle.

  • Adjustable rear sight.

  • Front and rear sling mounts.

  • Authentic markings.

  • 300 rd. Hi-cap magazine.

  • Removable carry handle.

  • Battery and charger included.

This bundle is very good for beginners and for those who are seeking affortable AEG. This bundle contains good red dot scope (17532), scope mount riser (17386) and extra 68bb magazine (17615).

Good bundle with everything!

Gun norm. 169,00 €
Red Dot 59,00 €
Scope Riser 29,00 €
Magazine 23,90 €
Total 280,90 €
You save 61,90 €

ASG M15A4 Carbine Bundle
Magazine300 rd
Length766/850 mm
Weight2150 g
Velocity (0,20g)100 m/s

Price: 229,90

Quantity: Pcs

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